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4-Tier Double 5-Gallon Water Bottle Rack

4-Tier Double 5-Gallon Water Bottle Rack

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This 4-tier water jug rack for 8 bottles has a sleek appearance thanks to its carbon steel material and beautiful lacquer painting. Additionally, the rubber foot of the water jug storage organizer ensures that your floor remains scratch-free. The rack can hold 8 bottles of 5 gallons each, thanks to its heavy-duty 4-tier design with an inclined bracket that prevents water from spilling. It is easy to detach and install, with instructions that involve aligning the bracket in the middle of the water holder jug rack with the holes of the main frame, tightening the screws halfway, adjusting the balance, and then tightening the screws fully. The water jug rack is perfect for use in various settings, including the kitchen, office, garage, and shop.
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