Our Mission/Vision

  • Our vision is to establish a standard water refill station in Rochelle Park – New Jersey and in other cities throughout the United States of America that will become the number one choice for households, offices, and industrial plants.
  • Our mission is to establish a standard and world-class water refill station that in our capacity will favorably compete with leaders in the industry.
  • We want to build a water refill station business that will be listed among the #1 water refill station brands in the United States of America.


Our investigations have proven that the water provided by all the cities contains toxic elements such as lead, chlorine, chromium, and chloramine among various others. Coming to the conclusion that the water supply may lead to health problems and water that doesn't taste or smell very good. This is the reason why we are bringing to your homes, offices, and businesses high-quality and purified alkaline water.


Having in mind that the world has developed in many different innovative ways we implement the latest technology in water processing which is the reverse osmosis water purification system which is currently used throughout domestic and international markets. The units provide you with clean and sterilized containers efficiently.

Step 1:
AG Pre-Filter Filtration

Step 2:
Carbon - a cartridge filter that removes chlorine, chloramine, solvents, lead, insecticides, gasses, and other harmful contaminants. Works as a water softener, without the use of salt and drawing hardness particles together and crystallizing them. Includes an automatic backwashing system.

Step 3:
We use a 5 Micron Pre-Filter that removes algae, particles, and sediments.

Step 4: Our Reverse Osmosis Pump is a high-pressure, stainless steel pump to boot water pressure to 160 lbs for maximum membrane efficiency.

Step 5: Our reverse osmosis membrane forces that water through a semi-permeable, .0002 micron membrane, allowing only pure water molecules to pass.

Step 6: We then store our water in FDA-approved tanks.

Step 7: Repressure System - 12 GPM pressure pump assures constant water supply from storage tanks to post carbon filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, and faucets.

Step 8: Pressure Tank - 32 gallon pressure tank assures a constant flow of water to the filler and prolongs pump life.

Step 9: Post Carbon Filtration - water travels through a 4.5in x 20in coconut shell carbon block filter, polishing it for an exceptionally smooth taste.

Step 10: Ultraviolet Sterilizer - stainless steel sterilizer eliminates up to 99.99% of all bacteria.

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