Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own bottle for a in-store refill?
Yes, we accept any shape or size bottle for a refill in-store.
Please make sure your container hasn't been used for anything else other than water.
If we notice any unusual smells or visual contamination, we will not fill up the bottle.
We do this for health & safety precautions.

What is the difference between Purified, Alkaline, and Spring water?
Purified water is meticulously cleansed to remove impurities, while alkaline water has a higher pH and contains beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcite.
Spring water, sourced from natural springs, captures the essence of the earth with added minerals. Each offers a unique experience in hydration.

What is "swap"?

When you select the "Swap" option on our website that means you are going to exchange your 5 gallon water jug with one of ours.

What bottles do you accept for swap?
We accept cylinder shaped 5-gallon bottles in good condition only!
If the bottle is missing a handle we will not accept it.
We also do not accept 5-gallon bottles with screw caps.

Are there any extra fees for delivery?
No fees or contracts!

Are there any fees for bottle caps? 
No fee! Cap is included.

Is tax included in the price?
Yes indeed!

What are your hours?
We are open Monday-Saturday 9AM-7PM and Sundays 9AM-5PM. 

Ask any questions below!